goal: n. the purpose toward which an endeavor is directed; an objective

NRG Running Group

Our goal is simple:

Develop customized training plans to help runners enjoy fitness, achieve goals and gain a true appreciation of self and human possibility.

We hope that every runner touched by NRG has the goosebumpy experience of doing something they never thought they could. Something so fun and pride inspiring that it stops them in their cushy shoe tracks and makes them wonder… If I can do this, what else can I do?

NRG running programs are designed to help all types of runners reach personal milestones using proven training methods that offer fun, balanced and rewarding workout experiences.

In its most basic form, training is the cyclic process of stressing the body, allowing it to adapt and then stressing it again. Since every person is unique, each of us can tolerate different loads of stress and need different amounts of time to adapt. In order to achieve the greatest success, athletes must perform this training at the levels best suited to their individual body.

NRG programs are custom developed to be FUN and bring about the greatest training results from each athlete.