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NRG Running Group

What is an NRG Personal Coaching Plan?

An NRG PCP (Personal Coaching Plan) includes your running workouts for each week during the training period. This is entirely customized to match your goals and your lifestyle.

If you travel frequently, we'll write workouts that make it easy for you to complete them when traveling. If you have a tight schedule and limited time to workout, we'll create a plan that focuses on quality and gets you out the door. Sometimes you just need 20 minutes for a great workout! If you have trouble with motivation, we'll put together a plan that gets you moving and excited to be moving. We'll get you in the running groove! If you want to get faster or learn to love running hills or complete your first 5k or ultra marathon, we'll put together a plan that gets you there.

How does NRG personal coaching work?

We'll meet to discuss your goals, your schedule and your current fitness level. With this information, we'll work together to create a plan for integrating your workouts into your life. Plans can vary - you may meet with Nina in person for every workout or you may receive weekly workouts, execute them on your own and report back. This will depend on what works for you, what your goals are and which plan you choose. Your plan and your workouts will be very specific to your goals and circumstances.

Check out the plans we currently offer to see what best suits your lifestyle and budget. If you don't see something that works for you, email us.