team: n. a number of persons associated in some joint action

NRG Running Group

The NRG Running Team

The NRG Running team meets every Tuesday and Thursday all year long for coached workouts. Most team members also meet on the weekend to complete their weekend runs. Each member of the team is working toward a goal or a set of goals they have chosen. The training environment is non-competitive and promotes personal growth and achievement. It's also very social!

The Workouts

Members of the NRG Team have all of their running workouts provided. Although the team trains together, members of the team are often completing different workouts. Workouts are designed to help team members achieve their individual personal goal, whether that's finishing an Ultra Marathon or running a speedy 5k.

Practices are run much the way a high school or college team practice is run. We begin the workout by warming up together. This usually includes an easy jog, dynamic stretching and some plyometrics. Team members are then given their workouts and often break into groups to complete them. Most workouts finish around the same time and the team ends with a static stretching session.

Getting on the NRG Team

In order to participate on the NRG Running Team, runners must have previous experience working with Nina, regular attendance, be able to complete regular 30 minute runs and show up with a great attitude.

The Cost

Enrollment is annual or quarterly.

Annual enrollment is only available on January 1.

Quarterly enrollment opens on January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1.

Annual: $700

Quarterly: $200